Thursday, August 9, 2012

Last lazy day

Today is a rare lazy day for me and probably one of my last. I will be busy getting ready for recruitment and school soon. I'm usually the type of person who has a list everyday of things I need to do. My mind is constantly running with thoughts and things I need to get done. It is usually hard for me to relax. (Thankfully, I have a wonderful boyfriend that will make sure I relax some during the semester when things get really crazy) Well today, I don't have a list of things to do! So this has been my view since about 9:00 this morning....

I loved catching How I Met Your Mother on tv, but now that I have Netflix, I am able to watch it in the correct order. :) Such a great show!
Also, I loooove all things wedding. So, I've indulged some and watched My Fair Wedding.
And I've been going through some of the Blog Star link ups. I'm really enjoying reading other people's blogs. Can't wait to meet more people. If you are stopping by, I'd love to know your favorite tv show.

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